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Out on my own?

Posted by Kellan Morgan on

The same day I register for self-employed/sole trader is the same day Etsy suspended my account because I use mocked up images to represent my designs.  When you have hundreds of designs, each with 3-4 color variations and 2 designs per team, it can be a bit much to have every product in stock.  Especially when you're some slub like me who's barely getting by as it is.  Other issues I had with Etsy in the past was my foul language you have probably noticed if you have checked out my shirt designs.  Apparently bad language is frowned upon at Etsy.  That snafu was another setback as I had to re-arrange my photos to feature my censored designs as well as tag every listing with "mature" or else... children on Etsy would see it?  Can children buy things off Etsy?  Maybe.  Feel free to type in curse words into Etsy to see the thousands of listings they didn't bother censoring. 

So here I am, trying my hand at throwing off the shackles of the fee hustling overlords.  Relying on my novice SEO understandings, social media ineptitude, and with hundreds of designs to upload and organize.  I'm totally stoked (I'm not stoked).  I have no idea how successful this will be, I try to be optimistic but where do you even start?  So many blogs about SEO and optimization that I'm worried about every single thing I do being the wrong way and a waste of time.  Any advice, feel free to throw it at me.

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