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I Hate Boebert Shirt - Blue and White Version - Box Ver - Beef Shirts

  • $2500

If you have any braincells in your head you are definitely sick of this conspiracy theory spouting xenophobic, homophobic, white nationalist moron. A failed model/actress hired to become a talking head GOP moron who doesn't know what she's even reading off the teleprompter. Somehow didn't need glasses until she ran for office, hired off the same website as many other GOP talking heads, and married to a sex offender. Screams about law and order yet has multiple arrests. A hypocrite, projecting Republican like all of them. A disgrace to Colorado.  Perfect shirt for liberals, Democrats, and anyone not in the GOP cult. Stop the disinformation. Vote out the traitors.

Chest size in inches

    S - 34-37
    M - 38-41
    L - 42-45
    XL - 46-49
    XXL - 50 - 53
    3XL - 54-57
    4XL - 58 - 61

    USPS First-Class - Free!
    Canada - $5
    UK & Europe - $10 - $15
    Australia & NZ - $15

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