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Fuck DeSantis Shirt - Blue and White Version - Box Ver - Beef Shirts

  • $2500

Grab this tshirt to hate on the current Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, aka Deathsantis, even though he obviously wants to run for President with his latest grandstanding. Like much of the GOP leadership he only cares about fighting a culture war rather than trying to improve his state with policies that actually matter. A constant scaremongerer who riles up his minions about the border as if Florida's aging population are the ones doing all the heavy lifting rather than immigrants. He's proud that his poor management of Covid lead to the highest death rate in the country. Now to distract from his fascism and voter suppression, he'd rather spend all the governments time and resources making sure children never hear that people can love someone of the same sex and if anyone like Disney opposes him he'll do everything he can to ruin them even at the cost of taxpayers and the economy. It's time for vermin like DeSantis to be removed from office so this state and country can prosper instead of the corrupt joke it is. Perfect shirt for liberals, Democrats, and anyone not in the GOP cult. Available in colors other than Blue and White, use the search above.

Chest size in inches

    S - 34-37
    M - 38-41
    L - 42-45
    XL - 46-49
    XXL - 50 - 53
    3XL - 54-57
    4XL - 58 - 61

    USPS First-Class - Free!
    USPS Priority - $1.75
    Rush Printing & USPS Priority - $7.99
    Canada - $5
    UK & Europe - $10 - $15
    Australia & NZ - $15

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