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Fuck Greg Abbott Shirt - Blue and White Version - Text Ver - Beef Shirts

  • $2500

If you have any braincells in your head you are definitely sick of this conspiracy theory spouting xenophobic, homophobic, white nationalist moron. Turning Texas into both a punchline and a dystopian failed state. A state that can't keep the power on during the winter or summer while the "leaders" flee and beg for national aid. A grifter who made all his money from the lawsuit that put him in a wheelchair and then erased that very law. An anti-woman, pro-child bride, pro-breeding piece of shit. Perfect shirt for liberals, Democrats, and anyone not in the GOP cult. Stop the disinformation. Vote out the hyopcritical traitors.

Chest size in inches

    S - 34-37
    M - 38-41
    L - 42-45
    XL - 46-49
    XXL - 50 - 53
    3XL - 54-57
    4XL - 58 - 61

    USPS First-Class - Free!
    Canada - $5
    UK & Europe - $10 - $15
    Australia & NZ - $15

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