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Fuck the GQP Shirt - Anti-Conspiracy / Anti-GOP T-Shirt - Box Version - Beef Shirts

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“For some people, conspiracy beliefs are the best way to deal with the psychological threat posed by their failure.” Dr. Marta Marchlewska.

Why would people believe an anonymous user on 4chan who claims they have super-secret access to the mythical deep state? Because it makes them feel like they know something that others don't, that their eyes are opened and everyone else is a sheep. Yet, Q-Anon has made a ton of "predictions" that have been completely wrong and yet people still act like it's a reliable source. The truth is right in front of them and they refuse to accept reality.

Here's a few examples:

1. The Trump military parade would "never be forgotten". The parade was canceled.

2. A "smoking gun" video of Hillary Clinton would emerge in March 2018. No video appeared.

3. Multiple failed predictions that John McCain would resign from the US Senate. McCain remained in the Senate until his death in August 2018.

4. Multiple failed predictions that Mark Zuckerberg would leave Facebook and flee the United States. Zuckerberg remains CEO of Faceboo. Multiple failed predictions that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would be forced to resign. Dorsey remains CEO of Twitter.

5. The "Storm" would take place on January 20, 2021, the day of Biden's inauguration. No coup took place and Biden was peacefully inaugurated.

Surprise surprise, nothing but nonsense and it just goes on and on with hyping up non-events. Let alone all the #protectthechildren nonsense that has ignored Jeffrey Epstein's political connections (friends with Trump since the 80's? No big deal?) and Matt Gaetz getting ratted out by his best friend about paying women and teenagers for sex. That's not important clearly, what is important is secret, underground sex trafficking in a Washington DC pizza place with no proof. Why is the GOP embracing this madness? The party of conspiracies? Where are the policies, ethics, and morals you should expect from elected officials? Absolute madness.


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    M - 38-41
    L - 42-45
    XL - 46-49
    XXL - 50 - 53
    3XL - 54-57
    4XL - 58 - 61

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