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The Jets Are Why I Drink - New York Jets T-Shirt

  • $2500

There are two reason you may want this shirt.  Do the New York Jets cause you to drink to forget or is pre-gaming more important than the actual game?  Some years it's one and other years it's the other.  We got you covered either way!  Head to the tailgate, grab a beer, and enjoy the season as best you can.

Each shirt is printed using direct-to-garment methods.  This technique uses special inks that are absorbed into the fabric, much better than iron-on graphics and screen prints that feel heavy and plastic.  These shirts feel fantastic to wear, are high-quality, and long lasting.  If you are like me, you just want a normal t-shirt without all sorts of futuristic bells and buzzwords, that isn't cut so slim you aren't sure if you bought a kid's size.  Just a solid shirt, that's what I got for you. 

The shirts are unisex sized and 100% pre-shrunk cotton.  If you have a special request for a different style, please message me and we can work something out. 


S - Chest: 18", Length: 28", Sleeve-back: 16.5"
M - Chest: 20", Length: 29", Sleeve-back: 18"
L - Chest: 22", Length: 30", Sleeve-back: 19.5"
XL - Chest: 24", Length: 31", Sleeve-back: 21"
2XL- Chest: 26", Length: 32", Sleeve-back: 22.5"
3XL - Chest: 28", Length: 33", Sleeve-back: 24"

Ladies (if no option for ladies sizes, it is because color limitations for one of the colors.  Contact me with questions)
S - Chest: 17.25", Length: 25.5", Sleeve-back: 13.25"
M - Chest: 19.25", Length: 26", Sleeve-back: 14"
L - Chest: 21.25", Length: 27", Sleeve-back: 14.75"
XL -Chest: 23.25", Length: 28", Sleeve-back: 15.75"
2XL-Chest: 25.25", Length: 28.5", Sleeve-back: 16.75"
3XL-Chest: 27.25", Length: 29", Sleeve-back: 17.5"

Each order will be created and shipped within the United States.  Each shirt is made to order, so make sure you are happy with the sizes and colors and your address and whatever else information I need to know.  Shirts can take roughly 3-5 days to print and then shipping is 2-4 days.  These are average times, don't set your watch to them.  Feel free to contact me with any concerns.

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